Talk series on inequity, stereotypes and stigma in leisure

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made itself indispensable in leisure. Whether it is to do with the ever-improving sophistication of video games and modification of our sensory experience through virtual reality entertainment, or to do with reliance on AI matching services or AI robots to find companionship, AI is impacting the ways in which we relate to society and how we find contentment as people. Our browsing habits are subjected to scrutiny by companies who want to optimize their marketing. Also embedded in leisure time activities, online or off, are structures of discrimination, stifling of leisure time activities based on stereotypes and stigma.

The B’AI Global Forum will host a series of talks on the impact of technology on everyday life during its course. The first series focuses on inequity, stereotypes and stigma in leisure. The aim is to investigate and reflect on the ways in which inequity, stereotypes and stigma has been embedded into leisure culture. We place this as foundational work that will be useful to critique the ways in which AI may quietly perpetuate inequity, stereotypes and stigma in our leisure pursuits.