The 2nd BAIRAL Research Meeting for 2021
“Ethical Issues in the Use of AI”

◇「BAIRAL」(B’AI RA League

BAIRAL (B’AI RA League) is a study group by young research assistants (RA) in the B’AI Global Forum of the Institute for AI and Beyond at the University of Tokyo. Aiming to achieve a gender equal society and a guarantee of rights for minorities in the AI era, this study group examines relationships between artificial intelligence (AI) and society from both theoretical and practical aspects. BAIRAL organizes monthly  research meetings with guest speakers in a variety of fields.


◇ Date & Venue

・Date:Thursday, June 3, 2021, 18:30-20:00 (JST)

・Venue:Zoom Meeting(No registration required)

・Language : Japanese

・Organizer:B’AI Global Forum, Institute for AI and Beyond at the University of Tokyo


Guest Speaker

Hiromi Arai (RIKEN)



In recent years, AI technology has come to be used in a variety of situations, and various issues have arisen regarding its impact on society. For example, the issues include data leakage in services using personal data, an invasion of privacy in profiling by data providers, and discriminatory behavior and black boxing of applications using machine learning. This talk will introduce the fairness and accountability of privacy protection techniques and machine learning with examples of these ethical issues. Also, issues related to these technologies, such as falsification in machine learning explanations will be presented. Finally, challenges in the use of these technologies will be discussed with examples such as information platform.