BAIRAL Project

BAIRAL (B’AI RA League) started its activities in December 2020 as a study session by young research assistants (RA) in the B’AI Global Forum of the Institute for AI and Beyond at the University of Tokyo. This study group examines relationships between artificial intelligence (AI) and society from both theoretical and practical aspects.

Today, AI has shown many potential applications in our daily lives, but it has also created new power relations and risks. In order to understand politics, society and culture in these times, and to weave norms of human dignity and freedom into new technologies, we need to acquire interdisciplinary perspectives.

Our aim is to create a network of people who are engaged in research and practices in a variety of fields, in order to discuss the realization of a better society through AI. To this end, young researchers of the Millennial Generation organize monthly workshops with guest speakers in a variety of areas.