B’AI Book Club

B’AI Book Club is a book review project in which members of B’AI Global Forum read foreign literature that examines information technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms from a critical perspective.


Today, as AI permeates every corner of human society, it is being pointed out that the technology does not actually work in a neutral and fair manner, and that its benefits are not equally distributed to all members of society. In Japan, however, there is little literature that examines such issues. Therefore, the B’AI Global Forum has created a book review session where we read literature that has not yet been introduced to Japan, to understand overseas research trends and also to discuss issues such as the power behind the development and use of AI, and the problems of masculinity currently inherent in science and technology.


B’AI Book Club is held once a month, with one B’AI member in charge of each session, giving a presentation on the book, followed by a discussion with all participants. The way we read books is not to simply understand the content of the book, but to critically read it while comprehensively considering the author’s background, the social context in which the book was written, and the book’s position in the relevant research field.