Media and Diversity Forum (MeDi)

“Media and Diversity Forum (MeDi)” is a discussion forum for researchers and journalists as well as a network that engages both activism and research. Having already held five symposia as well as book talks and workshops in the past, MeDi has integrated into B’AI Global Forum in September 2020 to further expand its activities.

Its goal is to achieve more diversity in Japanese media, both in terms of the composition of staff members as well as the contents. Since Japanese media have been long criticized due to the lack of sensitivity towards women and minorities, MeDi examines how media products are produced, and discusses what we can do to create more gender-conscious, diverse media culture in Japan.

We also illuminate these issues from the viewpoint of recent proliferation of the Internet since it has become an important source of information and provides norms and values of contemporary society particularly among younger generations. We also collaborate with colleagues overseas in order to identify common agenda and challenges in an increasingly globalized media environment.