The 3rd BAIRAL Research Meeting for 2020 Report on “Detection of luring and cyberbullying using network analysis”

Lim Dongwoo(Research Assistant of the B’AI Global Forum)

Date:February 24, 2021 (WED) 17:00~18:30
Venue : Online (Zoom)
Language : Japanese
Moderator : Lim Dongwoo

BAIRAL, a study group by B’AI’s research assistants, invited Mao Nishiguchi, a project researcher in the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, to hold a research meeting on February 24, 2021. In this online research meeting, Nishiguchi explained the detection of luring and cyberbullying using network analysis and discussed it with the participants.


Nishiguchi has worked on the application of data science technology to social issues since he obtained a doctorate in economics. In the research meeting, while introducing examples of the application of cutting-edge AI technology, Nishiguchi focused on the difficulties and challenges of using AI technology and discussed approaches for practical solutions. Specifically, he created a system for predicting users who are likely to engage in lure activities on social media using network analysis. In light of his experience facing various challenges in the process, Nishiguchi emphasized the need for AI development with consideration for privacy and system design based on limitations of AI. He also raised a point of the need for a social system that can continuously operate AI.


A lively discussion took place after the presentation. There was a question about whether there would be any support from national organizations in relation to the continuously operable system that Nishiguchi proposed. Also, some pointed out the necessity of cooperation with the education system, and it was interesting to discuss in detail what philosophical concerns AI cannot solve. To sum up the discussion, we should pay attention to the potential of AI to solve social problems, but at the same time, we should not overlook its limitations and problems. It was a meaningful research meeting in that there was a discussion that “when technology using AI is actually applied to society, careful consideration is needed for how connected it is to the existing social system.”