AI x gender online workshop with Design Thinking
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Gender
–have you ever thought about these two in pairs?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Gender–have you ever thought about these two in pairs?

The new social structure surrounding AI reveals a long and difficult road ahead for achieving gender equity. For example, AI characters are often represented in overly feminine ways. And very few women are found in the AI industry as well as in the field of Information Technology. What can we do to overcome these challenges?

This workshop focuses on many of the issues about AI and gender and collectively reflect on them to come up with creative ideas that would contribute to the making of a better future. The workshop will be facilitated by a research associate with deep experience in UX design who once worked for an international design consulting firm. In order to sharpen the global sensibilities of the students, the workshop will be conducted mainly in English. Students who are interested in gender equity issues as well as those who wish to participate in an ideathon using English and creative thinking are welcome!

This workshop is for first, second, and third year students who have registered for Go Global Gateway. Students are expected to submit an activity report after the workshop. There are no fees for participating in this workshop.


【Date, Requirements, etc

<Date> Wednesday 3 , Friday 5 March 2021

・Basic English skill
・Interest in design thinking
・Students who have registered for Go Global Gateway

<Class size>Up to 25 people

<Launguage>English will be used during the workshop.


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