院生メンバーによる展示会「PERCEPTIONS: Reconstructing AI Narratives」開催のお知らせ





・主催:東京大学 B’AI Global Forum 院生メンバー
・日時:2023年9月8日~10日(11:00-19:00 金)(11:00-17:00 土・日)



Our opinions of artificial intelligence (AI) tend to be polarized by mainstream academic, business, and media discourses. These discourses drive dominant narratives which consequently construct extremes: overly optimistic, pessimistic, predeterministic, or simplistic. Our language and attitudes can be limited between the bounds of these extremes. As social media algorithms and ChatGPT grow even more pervasive, we must be cognizant of how the past, present, and future of our external and internal worlds become bound by deterministic perspectives.
In “Perceptions: Reconstructing AI Narratives,” we create a space for viewers to dissect, reevaluate, and reflect on their own narratives about AI. Through eight pieces spanning diverse media, disciplines, and industries, we reconsider the role of AI from the material sourcing of physical components to applications in gaming and fashion design. In doing so, we challenge the narratives dominating AI discourse and encourage attendees to reframe their own understanding of AI.